Amazing Spider-Girl #17 Er, I mean, 19 Review

Amazing Spider-Girl #17 Er, I mean, 19

Story: DeFalco

Art: Frenz

Inks Bucemea

Story: A couple of years ago, Marvel introduced the OTHER Spider-Girl, Arana, on the scene. There was a fight over the name, and of course, the fans were vocal enough to give her a new codename. She Briefly appeared in the first issue of Spider-Man Family, in a MC2 story in that 100 page monster. Following for that continuity, we knew it had to happen: so here it is, ASG #17… Er, 19.

Thoughts: Overall, I think it’s interesting that Arana is part of this Order of the Spider, which looking at the cults clothes, has something to do with Madume Webb, And while I don’t have the issues in front of me, but I think we saw them in the Previous series, a Spideydude No-Prize to whoever finds that out. Anyway, Arana figures out that May’s a student, and therefore uses that to her advantage. You have to remember also folks, she did help the Hobgoblin, so while she may not have been on the dark side in the MU, she is much more darker in this MC2, which is refreshing in many ways, she has a personal vendetta against Big Daddy Tarantula, So I’m interested to see what else she has in store for May, as the Big Man has plans for her, and folks, he wants to make an heir, you do the math on that one. But the bulk of this issue deals with the fight, and we see that Mayday still has a a lot to learn, and you have to remember, although she’s been around 10 years our time, she also is only in her junior year in high school, so she’s been at this game for about a year and a half, closing in on two years. The Biggest Development to me is the involvement of Peter in her Training at the end of the issue, which is something that is sorely needed, MORE Peter Parker, not less.

One last point I want to make, While Its great and all May has a boyfriend, I feel we need a couple of issues with light on the Spider-Girl, heavy on the High School stuff. We’re mainly fixated on Gene right now, and characters such as Sara, who has powers and went crazy a few issues back and returns here, get pushed to the wayside. Others, such as Davida and Courtney need more issues on them too, as new readers don’t know them as well as the characters on the Spider-Girl side. I also realize that the bulk of this issue was supposed to be on the big fight, but we need more development on the friends side, and have them become a stronger supporting cast.

Overall, a good issue, and the Art is steallar as always, no complaints from me.

3.6 out of 5—An overall improvement over last issue.