Amazing Spider-Girl #18 Review

Amazing Spider-Girl #18

Writer: Tom DeFalco
Art: Ron Frenz
Inks: Sal Bucemea
Reviewed By: Spideydude

Story: With Ben having his surgery, Hobgoblin vs. the underworld, with Spider-Girl in the middle, along with Crimelord, who has Fisk’s files. (Which goes back to arc 1 of this book) Oh, and Mindworm. Can’t forget this Z-List Character who made all of three appearances in Spidey’s history, in fact I’ll go out on a limb and say that he’s made more appearances in this title than he has in 30 years in her dads.

And for the first time in a long time, I was immensely disappointed with the reveal. Crimelord was Mona, the girl who got the glowstick disk from who knows where, and was just a minor character, she made herself look so much like the Rose, I thought for sure we’d see a legit puppet master in this book via the Rose-like character, mainly, Richard Fisk, the Kingpins son. In my humble opinion, it would’ve made the Hobgoblin dynamic work much better overall as we would’ve had a true power struggle with the two men, who have a history, as well as throwing in the new kid on the block so the speak, the Black Tarantula. So Negative two points for this plot thread. Tom didn’t really make me care enough about this two bit loser who got killed, although I do think it speaks highly of May to feel bad for this girl, as she only made a fake to make a new life for herself. (Hello, Witness protection anyone?) And to have the Hobgoblin’s overall arc be put on hold for awhile and to end in the way it did, just made me feel like her main adversary is gone now. Who do have? Deadspot? She got her arse kicked twelve kinds of Sunday in this ish. While I do admire Tom’s use of the Goblin in this book, It just makes me wonder what we will do when you need him back. It’ll be interesting to see how well this book does without Hobby. I also like they’ve finally resolved the Benjy issue, for now. And what I REALLY Dislike, is that May went BACK to Gene. AAROUGH WE WERE ALL PULLING FOR WES MAN!!!! That is the one element that I’m looking forward to, having Wes be the one who picks her back up when her and Gene split again.

As for the Art, it’s great, but there were some awkward poses that I didn’t like, the mainly glaring one was the leap as she got out of the bubble. I didn’t like that all too much, but the rest of the book is great, so one minor issue in 18 issues is great.

To Clairfy, I’m glad we got this subplot put to rest, for the most part and we can move on. It’s been way too long as is, and I’m looking forward to the big fight next ish.

2.5 out of 5.

Reviewed by: Spideydude

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