Spidey Still Kicking Butt in 2008

JR has been hard at work updating his website. He’s got opinions on our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, and he’s sharing them with the ‘net. He is doing some catch up by reviewing Spider-Man in 2006. He divides the article into four parts. In part one and part two he tackles Spidey’s role in Civil War. In part three he reviews Sensational Spider-Man. In part four he reviews Peter David’s run on FN Spider-Man.
JR took a break in the catch up period to give his thoughts on “One More Day. “ They’re all great reads, so let us know what you think of them by discussing them on the Spidey Kicks Butt section of the message board.

Spidey is Still Kicking Butt
After an eight month delay, JR is back with a new article on his website spideykicksbutt.com
JR takes a in-depth review of Spider-Man 3. He looks at what works, what doesn’t and the stuff in-between. Click here to check out the direct link.
JR also plans on releasing an article a week in the month of December. So check it out, and once you do leave your comments on his board at the Crawl Space.

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