Welcome to the new Spider-Man Crawl Space

Spider-Man Crawl Space in 1998GCrawl Space in 2006ang,

It’s been a few years since I’ve made major design changes to the Crawl Space. I’ve decided to go with a program called “Word Press” to manage the front page. Basically it’s a blogging program that will allow me to post news quicker and be a bit more organized and allow it to be searched. A feature I really like is the ability for Crawl Space admins to post content too. For instance, every time Crazy Chris has a new review he can post it on the main page himself.
Another great perk is the ability to play podcasts right from the main page. I’ve installed a new player that all it requires is a simple click and the show is playing in your browser. Also if you look on the bottom right of the page, it sorts the posts into different categories. For instance there are podcast posts, news posts, review posts etc.
August 2008 marks the 10 year anniversery of the Spider-Man Crawl Space and I thought it was time for a tune-up. Let me know what you think of the re-design on our message board. I started a thread right here.


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