ASM Writer Joe Kelly talks Spider-Man @ CBR

Former “Deadpool” writer Joe Kelly is getting a chance to write his favorite character. Kelly’s first Spider-Man book will be in the “Spider-Man: One More Day Extra.” He will focus on making the villain Hammerhead a major thorn in Spidey’s side.
If you recall, Hammy got an adamantium bullet in the head at the end of Civil War: War Crimes, so it’ll be interesting to see if he gets over the migraine.
Kelly says, “I was such a Spidey fan as a kid. I had the same 25 comics that I probably read a hundred times, so those classic characters all stuck with me. Some of them are a little shallower than others like, The Rhino. But I really enjoy those characters too; I love how meat-fisted they are. It’s like they embody what they are,” Kelly laughed.
“The creepier dudes like Mysterio are really high up there for me. Chameleon is great and I always liked the Tarantula even though he was a little odd.”
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