Spider-Man Cameo in the “Incredible Hulk?”

It seems “Incredible Hulk” Director Louis Leterrier tried to sneak in a Spider-Man reference in the new movie. In a recent interview with MTV, Leterrier says he wanted to have the University at the end of the movie be Empire State University. For you Spidey novices, that’s where Peter Parker goes to college.

“I just wanted to call it Empire University – to treat it like a coherent world,” he recalled. “And Sony, who has the rights to Spidey, didn’t want us to do that. It was a small thing but something we couldn’t do,” said Leterrier.

The article goes onto say, “Unfortunately for Leterrier, crossovers begin and end with the properties Marvel has total control of – no matter how hard you ask. And “Spider-Man” all its many names, places, and stories therein, belong to Sony. But while he quickly realized that he wouldn’t be able to get Tobey Maguire (no matter how much he wanted to), Leterrier thought a compromise could be reached. No dice, he sighed.”

For the rest of the article, head on over to the MTV link.

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