J. M. De Matteis Interview about his return to Spider-Man

The Pulse has posted an interview with legendary Spider-Man writer J.M. DeMatteis.  He’s writing a single story in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man family. The story focuses on the day after Uncle Ben’s death.

The interview also asks DeMatteis about the controversial Spider-Marriage.

THE PULSE: Some writers think a single Spider-Man works better than a married Spidey. How do you feel about that? Did you view his marriage as a hindrance?

DeMATTEIS: I wrote many, many stories about the Peter-Mary Jane marriage and never viewed it as a hindrance. (Strangely, when I wrote Superman I absolutely found the Clark-Lois marriage a hindrance. I think it’s because I believed in Peter and MJ’s love and commitment far more than I did in Clark and Lois’s. The Parker-Watson marriage seemed much more authentic to me.) That said, I was certainly aware that many other people did view the marriage as a problem. It made Peter seem too old, less of the clumsy, anxious kid he was in the Stan Lee era.
In fact, one of the things we’d hoped to achieve with the (dare I say it?) Clone Saga was a way to give the readers a single Peter Parker (Ben Reilly) and maintain the Peter-Mary Jane marriage, giving the Parkers t
he Happily Ever After they deserved. But we never did get a chance to reach that end-point.

THE PULSE: How is working on a Spider-Man story now different than when you were working on the series in the ’80s and 90’s?
We don’t have five hundred hologram covers—and there’s not a clone in sight!