Update on Roger Stern’s Spider-Man Work

I got a nice e-mail from writer Roger Stern after our June podcast. He gave a few more details about his upcoming Spider-Man book. He confirmed that artist Lee Weeks is penciling the book. He also confirmed that he is writing three more issues of Amazing Spider-Man. Here’s a cut and paste from the e-mail.
Spider-Man Crawl Space: I just read in Joe Quesada’s myspace article that you could be doing more Spider work. If it’s true, I’d be so thrilled.
Roger Stern:
‘Tis true, even though I’m a litle surprised that it’s being mentioned so soon.

Spider-Man Crawl Space: Were you able to listen to the second part of our podcast? I thought it came out great and I really appreciate it.
Roger Stern:
Yes, I quite enjoyed the second part. It was as much fun listening to it as it was taking part in the interview. Any my wife Carmela enjoyed it, too. She said it worked very well as radio.

Spider-Man Crawl Space: Can you comment on any future work yet? I have heard one of my favorites Lee Weeks will be penciling your one upcoming spider issue. He’s one of my faves and I’m really looking forward to it.
Roger Stern:

Well, I don’t want to say too much yet…as I’m waiting for all the art on the first one-issue and haven’t yet begun seriously scripting…and we’re still some time away from seeing the thing scheduled.

But, yes, Lee is drawing the first story…and may well be drawing a second, three-parter that I’m starting to plot.

Spider-Man Crawl Space: I recently picked up the Superman/ Doomsday DVD on your recommendation. It was great, in fact I liked the documentary better than the actual movie.
Roger Stern: Thanks. I enjoyed the decumentary. too. I’d forgotten that Bretty Breeding had been “test-driving” his (then) new camcorder at that old Superman Summit. And haven’t we all aged well?

Here are some examples of Lee Weeks work. It’s truly amazing, pun intended.


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