Ask Amazing Spider-Man Writer David Michelinie a Question

Amazing Spider-Man writer David Michelinie will be our guest on this months podcast. We’re going to record the show this Saturday at 10:30am central time. That is your deadline to post a message board question to him. Please be creative and don’t repeat questions. David had a great run on “Amazing” in the 1980s and 1990’s. Thanks to here is a list of his work on Spider-Man.

ASM 205, 290-292, 296-352, 359-388, A21-26, A28
ASM Super Special 1, A25(B)
Spec 173-175, A11, A12, Super Special 1
Spec 220(B – Text only story)
MTU 103, 108, 110, 136, 142, 143
Web 8, 9, 14-20, A7, A8, Super Special 1
Spid 35, 36, Super Special 1
Venom Super Special 1
Avengers 221
Iron Man 234
Revenge Of The Living Monolith

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