Amazing Spider-Girl 22 Review

Well, I was working on Reviewing ASG 23, when I realized that we need my thoughts on 22 first!

It’s Brand New May Part TWO!

Amazing Spider-Girl#22
Writer: Tom DeFalco
Artist: Ron Frenz
Inks: Sal Bucemea
Story: We get Push! Magento’s Daughter! Fury the Gobbie Queen! More Normie! And oh Yeah, something about a Brand New May, with Peter’s… Accident. We had two cliffhangers last ish, A) Peter getting a Norman Osborn throwback accident, and B) Brand New May. Well, we get an immediate reaction as Peter is acting strangely, paranoid almost. And the Sara Hingle/Anti mutant takes center stage as we find out who is trying to recruit her: Magneto’s Daughter. We get a classic X-Men Vs. The Brotherhood, MC-2 style. (This universe its a SISTERhood, as opposed to a brotherhood). We open our issue with a sparring match with Push, Nancy Lu, who used to go to Mayday’s school way back in the day. They stop sparring and we meet up with Gene the Dushebag. Why is he a doushebag? well simply because Mayday stops him from clocking Wes into next year, and he gets laughed at. Peter Continues to act strangely towards everyone, Nancy Lu doesn’t get though to Sara, Gobbie Queen escapes and starts up the new May.

Thoughts: A fast paced issue, this one advances the plot, much more than that other title. (This is where a good solid writer comes in handy, with a once a month schedule) We have pretty much all the pieces in place for a great next issue, with Peter’s erratic behavior, I’m wondering if something will happen to him at the end of this arc. Which I donno if Tom and Co. are willing to do.

Whenever Tom talks of Mutants, I slightly cringe. He turns it into a human rights issue and slightly gets on his soapbox. Do we really need it shoved down our throats? No.

So, Good issue? Yes. Good Art? Yes. But, alas, not perfect.

4 out of 5. Incredibly soild Issue overall.

Reviewed by: Spideydude.

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