Amazing Spider-Girl 23

Throughtout it’s history, Spider-Girl has been a Fun Lovin’ Romp into Yesteryear. Now, in its 124th issue (Including the Wizard 1/2 issue), it takes a much darker tone. In this installment, we see Peter Parker V. Kaine, More Wes! More action than ever before, and a awesome homage to the first appearance of a certain friendly neighborhood webhead… CLONE!

Tom DeFalco

Ron Frenz

Sal Bucemea

And Look at that Cover! You think that Peter and Kaine are going to Rumble?

Check out this review true believers of a title that could only be called:


Natch, that catches my eye. 😉

Story: We begin our issue with the X-People.The Sara Ingle subplot with Magneta is going strong, and when May gets involved, she gets the brushoff by Jubelee. Peter is acting strangely, and him and Kaine go at it. We also get more of the school Humanity First suplot, with Davida, possibly getting Jumped… To our last splash page, with May and May!

Thoughts: With every issue, this story continues to build into the best Spider-Girl Story ever. We have real things happening in this issue. I think Tom D had to have heard the debate between me and Kev, because we are seeing something that we’ve not seen in awhile: Forward Progression. That is important to a story, and I can’t slike the Clone Saga in A) its final splash page, B) we have a Goblin, due to make her appearance, C) Reilly Tyne, D) Kaine, and E) Normie Osborn.

Quite Frankly, this issue and the next two (Which will be coming up… NEXT) are setting up Peter Parker dying. Or Becoming a Green Goblin, I donno which. This subplot is what you need to see in this book. Morb, I’m calling you out to get this trade!

Art wise, This keeps getting better and better. Comic’s most constant art team continues to shine!

After months of slow movement, this book takes a great turn for the better.

4 out of 5.

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