Amazing Spider-Girl #24!

So besides the fact that I’m almost a month late on this review, and that we’re not going to tal k bout in lateness, It’s Here! The PreultimateChapter Brand New May, or the MC2 Clone Saga!

This one has it all: Clones, Peter Parker… acting Norman-esque, Mutants, and a breakup!

This ones called:


This issue starts off with a bang as we continue right where last issue’s final page left off: ‘Classic’ May and “Nu-May” (See if anyone gets THAT joke!) With Nu-May saying: “I’m the real  MAY PARKER and you STOLE my identity.”

Huh, so how is Mayday going to get out of this one? Sit Tight and face front True Believer, as everyone favorite Clone Saga advocate will guide you though this Highly recommended issue!

Story: May avoids her double, Peter fights Fury, the Goblin Queen, and we learn more about what happened with Nu-May. Wes Mans up, Peter gets beaten, Sara goes beserk, and we might only have one Spider-Girl for next weeks 25th issue.

Thoughts: I’ve skimped through alot of story, leaving it for me to closely dissect.  The best thing about this issue is the Break up. Thats right,  Gene and Mayday are done. After months of  wondering if  we’d ever see the subplot of  Gene  sabatoging  her  ill-fated Election campaign, come to an end. Folks, this plot has been going on for two years, I do think that Tom DeFalco held this plot in his pocket for this occasion, everything is topsy truvy, with her love life. And Mayday’s life may never be the same.

So what about Peter? He’s seen in this issue fighting the Goblin Queen, And over the process of this arc, he is slowing into the dark side. Can we say that this is a Radical departure from the Main Marvel U? Could we see the emergence of the ultimate showdown: Spider-Man V Spider-Girl.

And As much as I love Wes, we need to see him man up a bit more. He got suckered into the off-panel battle with Gene, which led to this change in Mayday’s relationship status.

And as tired as I am with this whole Mutant thing: At least we get to see Arana, the Other Joe Q Spider-Girl, team up with SG, least that’s what the leaked spoilers are for next week’s BIG Issue 25. (which has extra pages, which pertain to the actual story, unlike NWTD’s Backup story coming out in two weeks.)

And anyone else excited to see what really happened to Mayday Between the pages of ASM 440 and What IF? 105?

I know I do.

4 out of 5!


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