One of my favorite blogs on the ‘net is Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort’s. He always entertains, and the last few blog entries have focused on Spider-Man. He answers fans questions and even lets some new info out for debate. One of the biggest reveals is that Harry Osborn’s return has nothing to do with Mephisto. Check out the blog on this link.

6 Responses to “Spider Q&A With Tom Brevoort”

  1. #1 Zarius says:

    Harry looks like a dirty old man there.

    And Tom…do us all a favour and just avoid OMD if at all possible. I likewise agree that this will blow over in five years…by which time, the marraige will be back under the same team that killed it. At least he’s not delusional about the possibility it’ll return under a new era, but that in itself is very far off.

    So long as the current team DO have a place in their company for the marraige (as demonstrated by the MC2 promotion this year), they get considerable points.

  2. #2 Combustible Pumpkins says:

    you go, Tom!

    “…the catch-phrase “Spidey made a deal with the Devil” has become something akin to a politician’s talking point; an easy-to-grasp, simplified and dumbed-down version of the facts that’s easy for people to take an unearned moral high ground on.”

  3. #3 Zarius says:

    The only thing “dumbed down” is Tom and his Zombies. Keep deluding yerselves boys

  4. #4 Combustible Pumpkins says:

    Who dumbed-down Tom? And who are his Zombies specifically? And what are the boys deluding themselves about?

  5. #5 irishlad says:

    Tom Brevoort is a great editor. His opinions on the “catch phrase” were spot on. Bravo Tom, Bravo!!

  6. #6 Spider-Dad says:

    “…only a very stupid person would turn around and drive the series back into that status quo.” – Tom Breevoort. Returning to a status quo is exactly what BND has brought Spider-Man fans, a return to Aunt May being ignorant of Peter’s identity and Peter being single. Show me BND is more progressive and not a return to “that” old status quo?

    …”all the while looking for a hook for another big storyline that could generate sales.” – Tom Breevoort. How about telling good stories and staying true to the character? That may keep older fans around…since younger readers aren’t jumping on in droves, alienating older readers does not look too smart from any perspective.

    “Catch phrase”? Please, read the story…it is self-evident, regardless of your like or dislike of OMD\BND or moral position.

    “It’s not an easy thing to be working on Spider-Man right now.” – Tom Breevoort. Gee, I wonder why?