Sam Raimi talks “Spider-Man” Sequels

Interesting Tidbit #0: I must apologize to all you Crawl Space regulars for not keeping up with my reviews.  Let’s just say that school takes away all my free time.  If any of you out there plan on becoming architects, just know that you will be entering an intense program no matter where you go!  With that said, these reviews (NEW AVENGERS,SPIDER-MAN LOVES MARY JANE, AVENGERS/INVADERS) will be coming, though they may all come in one big bundle in December.  Keep your eyes peeled, my faithful readers!

But for the real news…

Since this was a big topic of discussion on the recently recorded October podcast, I thought this would pique many people’s interest:

MTV caught up with “Spider-Man” franchise director Sam Raimi, who talked about Kirsten Dunst’s possible return, the possibility of filming two movies simultaneously, and a potential villain for the fourth film.  *Caution* Raimi uses the “L” word…

You can read the entire interview here

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