Happy Birthday Steve Ditko

Today marks the 81st birthday for Spider-Man’s other daddy. Along with Stan Lee, he co-created Spider-Man back in 1962. Over the years the artist has turned down interviews and requests to have his picture taken. He often says he wants his work to speak for itself, and it does.
There has been much written about the man since the 1960’s. Here are a few links. Mark Evanier talks about his thoughts on why Ditko left Spidey. John Romita Sr also has some thoughts about taking over from the big shoes of Ditko. Unfortunately all these theories on why he left Marvel are just second hand thoughts. I fear we may never know the true story since Ditko doesn’t look to be talking anytime soon. None-the-less, his contribution to Spider-Man’s look is legendary! Thanks to coolmvm for the birthday reminder.

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