Amazing Spider-Girl 25 Review

Amazing Spider-Girl 25
Tom DeFalco
Ron Frenz
Sal Buscema


Briefly: May is down. Her Double is running loose, and Peter is still captured. What’s a girl to do? Guest staring Arana! Is it worth your dollar? Marvel at Brand New May, marches on!First off, those who’ve not read this story yet: GO. READ IT NOW.It’s easily shaping up to be good. Although, With this issue, I’ve been a little let down.
Since this issue is split into three parts, we’ll give each part the time it deserves.


The Avengers are looking for May as we are seeing the aftermath of last issue’s cliffhanger ending where our heroine looked to have died. We get no anwers in our first couple of pages, but we d

o see Nu-May trying to piece together who her ‘clone’ is, using her not exactly updated diary. Ben, her brother, seems to sense that something is amiss with May as he clings to MJ Tightly. Meanwhile, May is not doing well, As Arana seems to have gotten her and she seems to be taking a turn for the worse. As we peer into May’s head, she begins a journey learning of her past from a woman who’s name is not said. (I’ll tell you who I believe it to be in a second) We then cut to the Osborn lab with Kaine and Darkdevil, and they don’t know that Nu May is at he Parker house. Cut to Peter and Fury the female Goblin. We may be seeing Storming Norman come back to life, more on that looks like next ish. More to May and Her inward struggle. She confronts ‘The Beast’, which is Spider-Girl. As she’s fighting, she starts to lose, and Arana looks to try and save her. Meanwhile Nu-May mops the floor with Nu-Gene, and Now we see what Arana was planning all along. As we see, Arana has taken over May’s Body, and that’s where Our issue ends.

Thoughts: Wow. Just. Wow. Who would’ve saw THAT Coming?  Braintrust, take a cue from these guys, and just make good story. This is made of Win. The Unpredictability of this title is what makes it so good. It’s Quaility like this that will hopefully save this title.

4 out of 5



With Special Guest artist: Todd (Friendly Neighborhood) Nauck!

This short piece is 6 Pages of explaining what exactly happened when Kaine rescued May from the Evil Norman Osborn. It’s interesting to note that Fury, the Goblin Queen’s father was the one who was in care of May while Norman was planning his latest scheme, Project Changling, AKA Nu-May.

4 out of 5 for it’s short but sweet approach to the answer, at least in this universe, as to what Tom was setting up shortly before the reboot.


This short 4 Page story is filled with Cute Kids, but really and honestly, do nothing to the overall story.

2 out of 5

Final Thoughts: The Benjy Story is a waste. Really, Tom wrote this, and on the cuteness factor, it’s an 8, but its really jarring to me. That is the only thing that drags this issue down. The art is pretty thoughout, and I LOVE what they’ve done with the second story, It’s a really good looking story. The Inks and Colors are the best. Part one was great. Solid action, illusion to what will happen next and a shock ending.

The Guys all get bonus points for being apart of the ‘Cast.

4.5 out of 5

Can’t wait for Next ish!