Live Call-In Podcast With DeFalco, Frenz, Buscema Today!

We’re going to record the show at 10am central time. I’ll be taking the live callers at 10:30. Here’s the details on how you can call in.
If you would like to call in, you need to download the free program skype. You will also need a microphone for your computer. Once you get both of those, add my handle it’s “webheadspidey”. Remove the caps before you add me as a friend.
Once you call in I’ll put you in the “green room” chat room. I’ll then take a caller at a time to talk to Tom and Ron.
We’ve never done live callers with pros before, but these two fellas are good sports. So please have your questions ready to go once you get on the line. This should be fun!
If you can’t call in, but want to ask them a question I have a thread started on the message board.

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