Crawl Space 3 cover For those of you that haven’t heard, this website has an original, ongoing, fan made webseries starring our favorite webslinger in brand new adventures set firmly within the original continuity. No history has been washed away, but Spider-Man is once again married to his beautiful and loving wife, Mary Jane Parker.

In this third monthly installment we finally meet the man who hired Killshot to assassinate Aunt May back in issue 1 (he’s the guy pictured in that wonderfully creepy cover by Ted Brandt and Brandon DP to the left). We also get a chance to meet his employer, who will be a major player soon. This is part 1 of Spider-Man: Crawl Space’s first full arc, entitled “Spider-Man Black.” You’ll see why once you read the issue. We also witness Norman Osborn’s final plan for Peter Parker following his death in issue 2. And if that wasn’t enough, can you say double date?

It’s a jam packed 22 pages that is only the smallest taste of what’s to come in this 6 part arc. It’s a story I’ve had kicking around in my head for years now, and I’m very excited to finally let it out for your edification. Please take a few minutes to give it a read, and make sure to let me know what you think after!

So go on and visit the message board to check out “Spider-Man Black Part 1” and after you’ve read it, don’t forget to leave your thoughts and questions in the discussion thread!


6 Responses to “Spider-Man: Crawl Space #3 online today!”

  1. #1 Combustible Pumpkins says:

    My intention is NOT to be deliberately disrespectful, or to get banned from here; but I just have to leave this simple comment.

    #1 Norman Osborne is the quintessential evil corporate Bruce-Wayne-gone-wrong bad guy, or if he isn’t yet in Marvel he should be. He shouldn’t be dead.
    #2 Harry Osborne is not THIS evil, never has been, never should be. He’s a potential lunatic, but at the core of his being very good.
    #3 There’s already a black Spider, he’s called Venom.
    #4 The faceless one can only be a clone or one of the Gwen/Norman spawns; if it isn’t then maybe Harry loved Jackpot too.
    #5 The only reason to continue in this direction is to show what would happen if the world knew who Spider-Man was.
    #6 It’s against Peter’s principles to participate in The Initiative. It’s Un-Constitutional, he stated that clearly during his live broadcast.
    #7 There’s a reason why Spider-Man got a reboot and it’s because it was sorely needed. DC did it with the original Crisis series and it worked.

    I’m not trying to be impolite, but writing your own Spider-Man story to get back at Marvel seems kinda strange. But I guess it would be fun too.

  2. #2 Kevin Cushing says:

    Well you’re clearly entitled to your opinion and I won’t say any of your points are not valid, they’re just different viewpoints from mine. And that’s totally fine. And as for the reason to write this series – yes, it is fun. I don’t take offense to anything you said. Let me just take your points one by one and give you what I can of my position.

    1. To me, the villain you described is Lex Luthor and I have no interest in the Green Goblin becoming Lex Luthor. I stand behind my decision to kill him, and if you will give me the benefit of the doubt I’ll show you why. But if you choose to just not accept it then I can’t force you to.
    2. Harry ‘died,’ got buried, went through a total physical transformation, and was gone for a long freaking time. He has grown a bit. I think it would pointless to bring him back if he HADN’T honestly. There will come a time when I’ll tell the story of what he was doing while he was gone, but that time has not come yet. A few more pieces need to be revealed first.
    3. Venom has gone so totally off the rails since his inception that he is no longer the dark mirror for Peter Parker, which is what I liked about him. I’m not recreating Venom here, but my point is that even Venom is not Venom anymore. The Black Spider has his own story, and you’ll see it in part 4.
    4. Well that I just can’t comment on. And I don’t get the Harry loving Jackpot comment, maybe it’s just because I’m sleep deprived right now.
    5. Clearly I disagree, but you already knew that from the direction I’ve taken it. The reason to continue this is to write great Spider-Man stories in the continuity I have been with all my life and grown to love. It can be done, and no one at Marvel is doing it. So I’m using it as a creative outlet since I had the stories in my head anyway, and hopefully I can entertain some people along the way as well.
    6. It’s against Peter’s principles to keep his loved ones in danger. Sometimes a grown up, responsible family man has to do what is right for his family even if he’s not totally comfortable with the idea on an intellectual level. It’s about power and responsibility.
    7. This is your opinion, not mine and not that of the others who are enjoying this series. You get to love YOUR Spider-Man and read about him every month, why begrudge us doing the same?

  3. #3 Combustible Pumpkins says:

    Hey, Kevin. Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I respect what you’ve done and will keep reading the book. I don’t mean to be rude, and I appreciate being able to express my viewpoints! I’ll keep my mouth shut and go for the ride. Thanks again.

  4. #4 Kevin Cushing says:

    You didn’t come off rude, they’re legitimate viewpoints. I really appreciate you continuing to give the book a chance and there’s no need to keep your mouth shut!

  5. #5 Combustible Pumpkins says:

    Ok, I won’t keep my mouth shut, but I won’t dwell on our fundamental differences either! Unfortunately I can’t say that I’m getting MY Spider-Man every month, but I’m hopeful that Marvel cares enough about repairing the serious damage done to the character. I have a valid right to vent about this too, like every other fan who’s hanging in there. But so far, this doesn’t seem to be the case. Issue #577, for instance was an unadvertised double-issue, why? I can only surmise the reason being ASM comes out only three times a month, not four! So they need to make up for it in profit somehow!!! It saddens me to type this, but it really does seem like Marvel could care less about their readers right now.

    That being said, I do like the IDEA of a rotating cast of writers and artists on ASM. It keeps the read fresh, or is suppose to, and this book has suffered tremendously in the past due to the same writer staying on the book for five plus years!

    Kevin, thanks again for replying. You have a distinct disadvantage off not having Marvel’s iron curtain to hide behind! And to be honest, I am interested in seeing how the latest twist in the Osborne legacy turns out!

  6. #6 Enigma_2099 says:

    Peter Parker… CEO… of Oscorp?!?!?

    Well.. I certainly didn’t see THAT coming..