Secret Invasion #7 Review

We’re now in the final act of this major summer event, and a lot has happened since the beginning* so here is a short recap.

Skrulls = Bad
Avengers/Thunderbolts/Hood’s Crew/Secret Warriors = Good

OK, now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s get right back in there

*Not a lot has happened since the beginning

Brian Michael Bendis
Leinil Yu
Mark Morales
Laura Martin and Emily Warren
Chris Eliopoulos

Okay, this issue is really just a big fight scene, so I am just going to point out the main bits and the cool bits. I’m sorry but there isn’t that much plot here. Here’s what to look out for;

· Banter between Nick Fury and Norman Osborn.
· Grudge match between the Wasp and Skrull-Hank Pym, which Pym starts to win before Stature delivers one hell of a right hook.
· Iron Man running off to fix his armour, because it hasn’t yet recovered from the virus he gained.
· Mr. Fantastic being attacked by a gang of Skrull-Invisible Women before being rescued by the Secret Warriors.
· Wolverine going mano-a-mano with the Skrull Queen (a.k.a. Spider-Woman a.k.a. the Traitor)
· Uatu the Watcher shows up (must be an important event happening then).
· Jessica Jones leaves her baby with Jarvis (who unbeknownst to her is a Skrull) to go help the heroes.
· Marvel Boy enters the fray, angry as hell might I add.
· Ronin (formerly known as Hawkeye) picks up Hawkeye’s (formerly known as Kate Bishop) bow after she is struck down and he does his business
· The Skrulls use their secret weapon which is infused within the new growth formula Hank Pym gave the Wasp. Uh oh

-The art is great once again, but not as good as last issue.
-Hawkeye (the real one) does what he does best.
-Every time you read this issue, you see something new. At least in my case. So I like that it has value for re-reading it.

-Just a big fight scene, I got through this issue in under five minutes.
-Uatu the Watcher. He is just a tool to give a scene some presence, if he’s there, this MUST be important.
-Spider-Man is just used for quippage again, from now on just assume this is in dislikes, unless I write otherwise.

Well, last issue had me hyped up for something big. I got something big. A fight scene. Great. Not what I had in mind, but it is to be expected. Bendis has once again dragged out a storyline, which is his biggest problem in my opinion. House of M did nothing until the last issue. Many Ultimate Spider-Man arcs are very stretched out (Ultimate Warriors anyone?) and it’s the same with some Avengers arcs he has written. I know writers have to sometimes “write for the trade”, but this is getting ridiculous. That said, there were a few good moments in this book, including the Osborn/Fury banter and Stature knocking Hank Pym out (about time somebody hit him for a change).

The art once again saved this book, though I think it isn’t as colourful this issue. Probably because Yu has to draw so many Skrulls in the background and it gets a little bit dull. Just all green and brown bodies in the background, but still very solid artwork. It is still a little bit sketchy, but the colourists have made it seem neater and tidier, so it all works out quite nicely.

3 webheads out of 5

Only a fight scene, but a good one at that. This is the penultimate issue, thank god. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m sick and tired of typing the word Skrull.

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