X-Men/Spider-Man #1 Review

In the midst of all the Secret Invasion hoohah, we can jump into the mini series which takes us back to simpler times, also known as the Swingin’ 60s! The mutant menace had just been uncovered and paranoia sweeps the nation, in other news, Kraven and the Blob are attacking New York, while the X-men search for Spider-Man.

Did somebody say TEAM-UP?!

The Strangest Teens of All
Christos Gage
Mario Alberti
LETTERS: Jared K. Fletcher

J. Jonah Jameson raves about the mutant menace on TV while the X-Men discuss how it’s unfair and why JJJ isn’t busy after Spider-Man. At the same time, Spider-Man is relived JJJ found something else to complain about. He wonders about whether to tell Gwen his secret before finding out Kraven is back in town and thinks Spider-Man is a mutant. The X-Men hear this too and decide to travel to New York and help Spider-Man through this tough time.

Later that night, Peter goes to a club with the gang, while the X-Men follow him with Marvel Girl’s imprecise telepathy (wasn’t her telepathy still blocked out by Professor X at this point?). While inside the club, Flash Thompson gets a dance with Marvel Girl and Beast and Iceman dance with Mary-Jane and Gwen respectively. Jealousy ensues, (while Harry is freaking out a lot more than usual).

Suddenly, Kraven bursts in, looking for Spider-Man. Uh oh. Marvel Girl uses her telepathy to make everyone look away while the X-men get changed in their costumes. Kraven knew this might happen (futurist that he is) and hired the Blob for help. This deadly hunter might be on a budget it seems. Spider-Man shows up and generic battle ensues. Spider-Man webs the Blob up and with Iceman’s ice, the manage to keep him contained. How will the cops cope when the ice melts? “That’s their problem”, says Spider-Man. Very responsible. Kraven flees and Spider-Man decides not to take the X-Men’s help and just swings away.

In the dead of night, Kraven meets up with a mysterious shadow, (that looks like Mr Sinister) and hands over DNA from each of the X-Men to none other than…MR. SINISTER! He offers a proposition to the hunter, involving his DNA…

-Good to see a Spider-Man and X-Men team up.
– I always like a look at the 60s

-It wasn’t a great story
-Why the hell was the Blob there? Except to make a link between Spider-Man and the X-Men of course.
-The art was a little bit too plain and sketchy for me, not that it was bad.

There are only a few reasons that this mini-series was made;
1) To ride on the success of the Spider-Man/Human Torch mini-series
2) To test the waters for a Ben Reilly flashback series after his appearance in issue #3, not a return from him, Marvel aren’t desperate to do that.
3) Just to fill in their never-ending quota of Spider-Man mini-series.

Yeah, I liked the Spider-Man/Human Torch mini-series, while this is a mixed batch of stuff. The story was generic team-up fare, with a generic cliff-hanger that I didn’t really care about. Could it lead to more? Probably. Will it lead to something interesting? I can’t say at this point in time but I hope so, mainly because I’m buying every issue of this. This is a very fun read though, who doesn’t like a bit of nostalgia. It isn’t complicated, but to be honest, I don’t want it to be.

The art was good, bit sketchy and plain but maybe that was to suit the retrospective view. I’ll have to see next issue. I liked it though, very promising and had a good contrast of bright colours compared to a dull background, maybe showing how these heroes are the bright light in a dark world. Or it’s a coincidence. It is also very Ditko-esque, which I always appreciate.

ICEMAN: You need to chill.
BEAST: Methinks our frigid friend is thrilled to face an opponent who hasn’t already heard his repertoire of cold-related puns.

3 webheads out of 5.

Adequate start, but let’s see something original next issue.