Writer Roger Stern Talks AMZ 580

Our friend Roger Stern recently gave an interview to Newsarama about his upcoming work in Amazing Spider-Man # 580. He talks about how the character is back to the model he likes and enjoys writing. The article also talks about his opinion on how Peter Parker married the wrong girl, and how it was tough to write him as a married man.
His upcoming issue will deal with a mysterious villain Spider-Man has never faced before and can’t lay a hand on. Amazing Spider-Man #580 goes on sale December 10th, so show your support. Roger is one of my all-time favorite writers and I’d love to see him back on the book.
Stern also gave an interview at the Pulse website. Click here for the link.
Stern is a regular poster on our message board, and if you’d like to talk about his upcoming issue, click on this thread.

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