X-Men/Spider-Man #2 Review

oct082478dIn this month’s nostalgic mini-series, we see Spidey during some of his darkest days, right after Kraven’s Last Hunt. Mirroring this, we see the X-Men in great danger after the Mutant Massacre, thanks to the Marauders. What could bring these grieving people together..


Last Hunts
WRITER: Christos Gage
ARTIST: Mario Alberti
LETTERS: Jared K. Fletcher

After Kraven’s Last Hunt, Spider-Man breaks into Kraven’s apartment, hoping to find some information. He finds more than he expected with information concerning last issue, and that Kraven took the original X-Men’s DNA and gave it to Mr. Sinister.

Spidey thinks he should notify the appropriate party, also known as the X-Men. They dismiss him due to the Mutant Massacre being more important. Until he mentions Mr Sinister’s name, then all eyes are on him and they go after Mr. Sinister. This takes them to the sewers and the homestead of the Morlocks…and who should be there but the Marauders!

A pretty even fight breaks out, (with Wolverine going straight for Sabretooth), until the X-Men stumble across a room with clones of all the original X-Men, but twisted versions of them. Harpoon from the Marauders causes an explosion which destroys the clones and allows the villains to escape.

Elsewhere, Mr Sinister visits Kraven’s grave wondering why he committed suicide when there are many plans to come to fruition. However, seeing as he has Kraven’s DNA, his legacy is in good hands…

-Loved the battle scene
-Art is very nostalgic and quite colourful
-The team-up actually feels quite realistic

-Despite being in a grave recently, Spider-Man seems very upbeat

This issue isn’t complex or bogged down in continuity. It isn’t a Grant Morrison chaos-fest or a Geoff Johns epic tale spanning the galaxies. It’s clean, simple fun. And I loved it! In a time where comics are all about changing the status quo, this is a much needed break. Very nostalgic and connects Spider-Man and the X-Men in two of their darkest days, though I feel this could have been done better.

The art is very good, but not great. The battle scene is well done and reminded me of those old 70s slugfests. Awesome. It’s colourful but also shows the dark overtone of the tale, and the last scene in the graveyard is incredibly spooky.

Well done Mr. Alberti.

SPIDER-MAN: Can you imagine a clone of yourself running around loose? I mean how freaky is that?


4 webheads out of 5

Well crafted issue and after the cliff hanger, maybe this mini-series will actually mean something. Can’t remember the last time that happened, unless you count that Kevin Smith/Black Cat mini-series That Shall Not Be Named.

Tune in next month for a re-appearance from everybody’s favourite clone…and I don’t mean the Gwen Stacy clone.

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