Avengers/Invaders #4

Interesting Tidbit Volume 1 #4:  WHAT?!?!  I’VE BEEN GONE FOR HOW LONG?!?!?  Yea, I’m sorry about that…didn’t I tell you all how stressful the Architecture program is?  Instead of the usual factoid that I offer, here’s a chance for one of you to gain some extra points towards being my “Favorite Member of the Month.”  Tell me, what is this from:


sic ego nunc, quoniam haec ratio plerumque videtur

            tristior esse quibus non est tractate, retroque

            vulgus abhorret ab hac, volui tibi suaviloquenti

            carmine Pierio rationem exponere nostram

            et quasi musaeo dulci contingere melle…


But now, on to the actual review….   




TITLE: Hell on the Helicarrier

WRITERS: Alex Ross and Jim Krueger

PENCILS: Steve Sadowski

COLOR: inLight Studios



It has been so long since I have read this series that I had high hopes that perhaps a longer period had passed in the issue than really did.  *sad face*  As we ended issue #3 with a fight on the Helicarrier, we pick up this issue with that very same fight.  Bucky chastises himself for throwing Cap’s shield off of the ship rather than to Captain America.  The 21st century Bucky is the one to retrieve the shield from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.  Toro is still being observed and experimented on because the S.H.I.E.L.D. doctors believe they may be able to cure mutations if they understand from where they evolved.  After Invaders’ Bucky gets Toro out and they both reunite with Jim Hammond, we cut to Stark telling Ms. Marvel not to harm the Invaders in any way, yet not to befriend them as well (apparently, there is some middle ground?).  Invaders’ Namor’s plan to overthrow the present-Namor and use his people to help the Invaders is thwarted and he returns to the surface.  Iron Man confronts Captain America once more, and the New Avengers find themselves facing the Mighty Avengers…again.  Doctor Strange gives the readers a few clues into what is going on: “Time has been altered, and the entire world with it.  It just hasn’t caught up with us yet.”  His belief is that the Cosmic Cube is to blame, and that someone, a someone that looks an awful lot like the Vision, is messing with it.  We end the issue with present-Bucky throwing the Cap’s shield to Invaders’ Cap and telling Invaders’ Bucky that he has some very important information to relay to him.



I am sorry to say that my interest in this series is waning.  Little if any forward movement is presented in the story.  As this is pretty much a fight-issue, it seems that we have a fight-issue, some story progression in a no-action-issue, and then another fight-issue to make up for that.  The conflict that exists between the two Avengers teams are being exploited to a great degree and it’s getting stale.  I want to know what this space/time continuum mystery is.  I want to know what effect this will have on the present-day universe.  I want to know what the greater impact of the old Captain America returning will be.  I want, I want, I want…I feel selfish, but when it comes down to it, this series is not able to live up to the hype.


The art is still fine.  The writing teeters between fine and attempting to write enough filler to push this series to 12 issues.  I appreciate the many scenes and settings, however, there are many moments that are superfluous and merely slow the story down more.  This series cannot afford that.  If I had a TiVo, I would very much like to fast forward.  My heart dropped when I read the final panel: “End of Act One.  Act Two begins this October!”  Really?  An exclamation point?  I don’t know about you, but I’m not that enthusiastic about it.




2.0 webheads out of 5; Good art, but the writing/dialog adds to the slow story.  Unfortunately, I don’t know if I’ll last to issue #6, much less #12…

Reviewed by: Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Girl!

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