January 2009 Podcast Honoring Sal Buscema’s 40 Years at Marvel

salamazingspider-man577variantOur first podcast in 2009 will spotlight artist Sal Buscema’s 40 years at Marvel Comics. The character he is most associated with is Spider-Man. He drew the first issues of the Spectacular Spider-Man comic, and then returned in 1988  for a record 100+ issue run that hasn’t been surpassed since on the webhead. He left the title in 1996 and currently inks Ron Frenz’s pencils on the Amazing Spider-Girl title. He also just drew a variant cover for the Amazing Spider-Man title.
On the show we’ll be taking live callers and have two of Sal’s best friends.
Writer Tom DeFalco and artist Ron Frenz will be on the line to speak of Sal’s impact to comics and Spidey.
I’m also trying to get some other Marvel creators to share their thoughts on Sal’s 40  years in the business.
I will be taking live callers on the show, so if you’d to talk to him here’s how you do it. You need to download the program Skype at www.skype.com. It’s a free program and add my handle “webheadspidey” as a friend.
We’re going to record the show on January 10th @ 2pm central time. We’ll start taking calls around 2:45 or 3pm central. I’ll add you to the chat room and begin taking callers one at a time. It should be a fun time, and it will be an honor to interview one of my all-time favorite Spider-artists.
And if you can’t make the live call in session, I’ve started a thread on our message board. If we have enough time I’ll ask him your written questions.

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