Spider-Man Noir #1 Review

648608-smnoir_001_mediumWe see a different Spider-Man in this book, a darker one set in the noir times of the 1930s. Where crime rules the world, the economy is in ruins (so we can relate to it) and alcohol is prohibited! Dark, dark world…

Let hope Spidey doesn’t turn emo like in a certain film that I will not mention…

Comments below! I want to know if I’m any good at this stuff.

WRITER: David Hine and Fabrice Sapolsky
ARTIST: Carmine Di Giandomenico
LETTERS: Artmonkeys Studios

Policemen run into the offices of the Daily Bugle after responding to a call. They enter to see him dead with the Spider-Man standing over his body with a gun. He says it isn’t how it looks like before the coppers shot at him as he makes his exit through the window.

Three weeks ago…Ben Urich is taking photos for the Bugle and sees May Parker making one of her renowned speeches. Who should be watching, but the Goblin’s enforcers who decide to end the speech. May’s nephew Peter Parker steps in and gets knocked down before May gets tied up by Montana, (not like that, you silly people). Ben intervenes and the Enforcers leave because he’s off-limits…

Ben takes Peter to a speakeasy, (even though Peter is underage, tsk tsk tsk), the Black Cat, run by Felicia Hardy. Peter believes the crime boss, the Goblin a.k.a. Norman Osborn, killed his Uncle Ben, ripped to shreds by “wild dogs”. Urich reveals the Mayor might have something to do with it, when Osborn comes over to their table, with his henchman, Vulture, who looks like he’s just had Venom’s teeth implanted in him. Peter gets angry and him and Urich get kicked out of the club.

Peter still believes, despite what Urich says, that a difference can be made. He’s taken to the Daily Bugle and given a job as Urich’s assistant by J. Jonah Jameson.

Urich begins to see Peter as he once used to be, wanting to make a difference. The only thing is, Urich was easier to corrupt and knows that Uncle Ben wasn’t eaten by dogs, but by the Vulture. The reason he knows that, was because he was there…

-Spider-Man’s new costume
-The feel of the book

-Nothing really stood out here or took me by surprise
-Vulture looks like he’s half-shark
-The art is nothing special

Well, here we have another mini-series to help the increasing overexposure Spider-Man gets. Hooray. These are writers and an artist that I’ve never heard of so I was hoping to be surprised. I was looking forward to this because it’s a good idea and can actually be pretty good if done well. Notice I said “if”. This sort of style is very hard to do, though this series succeeds in some ways. The mood is very noir and I’m glad they went the way of crime bosses, instead of something outlandish. I wouldn’t want to see Venom in this book, even if we do have his teeth with Vulture.

Another thing you like to see in these series, is how the characters from the main universe are shown here. In this case, how they have been noir-ised. Not a lot is different, and this is one of the books short failings. Everybody is more or less the same, the Goblin is Norman Osborn, JJJ runs the paper, Urich is a reporter, and Peter is a photographer. The only real difference is Aunt May as a radical towards America. I also like the Black Cat speakeasy. Nice touch.

The art was OK. Didn’t do anything wrong. Matched the feel but sometimes was too colourful for this type of story. Top notch Spider-Man costume though. Pretty badass.

FELICIA HARDY: Are you old enough to drink?
PETER PARKER: Tell you what. I’ll show you my birth certificate and you show me your liquor license.

2.5 webheads out of 5

An OK start but it better pick up the pace. That said, we haven’t seen peter Parer be Spider-Man yet. Could there be a different secret identity in this book?

Doubt it, but a guy can dream.

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