Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane: Season 2 #2

Interesting Tidbit Volume 3 #2:  Differing from the normal layouts of comic covers these days, the SPIDER-MAN LOVES MARY JANE covers usually have little to do with the internal story material (though if you study it, there is always a subtle reference to the story).  Perhaps two of my favorite covers are from the first “Season.”  Issue #8 is an homage to an ALMOST FAMOUS movie poster and also bears resemblance to UNTOLD TALES OF SPIDER-MAN #16.  Also, Issue #9 is an homage to a poster for THE BREAKFAST CLUB.  I greatly respect using previous material but changing it to suit your needs!


Here we go…Spider-Girl is playing catch up with the reviews…but I will succeed!!!





WRITER: Terry Moore

ARTIST: Craig Rousseau

COLORIST: Guillem Mari




Mary Jane is late!  She is late for drama class and late in understanding that there is a difference between “common people” and “special people.”  Luckily for her, she quickly recovers with a story about a limo, Starbucks, and a Venti Java Chip Frappuccino.  Now, she’s “Limo Girl” throughout the school, respected by her schoolmates and Drama teacher, and…well, let’s be honest, with a hypothetical-Venti in her system, she HAS to be dying to go to the bathroom.  Liz wonders where all this “Limo Girl” stuff has come from and why she wasn’t picked up in the limo.  After being placated that it was all an act, Liz tells MJ that she wants to talk to her about what Harry has been saying about her…WHAT???  You don’t do that!  You have to tell people right THEN, not make them sweat it out for 6 periods…


MJ gets a little woozy in Biology class and sees Peter in the office who is trying to get a transfer to Calculus II (oh, variables and derivatives, how I miss thee!) but he quickly runs out once again after seeing Kraven on TV…hmmm, I wonder why???  Later, MJ sits with Gwen at lunch, with whom she has an awkward relationship, at best.  However, they quickly seem to bond over the torture of school and Harry Potter.  At cheerleading practice Liz still doesn’t tell MJ what Harry has been saying.  Exasperated, MJ walks off to work at the hair salon.  Her first day is a little hairy…haha, get it???…ahem, yes, hairy, after she douses Mrs. Burt with a hose.  Rose and Evelyn both are understanding and it seems like Rose may especially play a big role in MJ’s life here.

While MJ began with a crappy day, it got a little crappier before it turned around.  Finally, she walks home with Spider-man and they both talk about their days.  MJ realizes that Spidey watches out for her, and now she decides to watch out for him as well.




Well, no sooner did I comment on alexleg’s question about the disappointment of this “Season” on the message board, than it does a complete 180 for me.  Sure sure, I only read the first issue, but shouldn’t that really tell what is in store for the whole series?  This issue finally returns to having MJ really be the centerpiece of the story.  No longer are we trying to set up multiple storylines with other characters; Harry is only mentioned, Zoe briefly has a pouting face, but that’s it.  This show revolves around MJ, you know.  I liked her stubbornness at first to “be singular” and make up an excuse for her tardiness.  She then shows her acting chops but perhaps gets a little more than she paid for since everyone at school believed the story to be true.  Her strained relationship with Gwen is starting to open up, and I could really see these two being good friends.  Finally, I also enjoy the constant look at her life outside of school.  The thing I like most about this series is that MJ is a façade that she wears at school; she’s confident there, popular, beautiful, but really, it’s Mary Jane that is the true character.  She’s the one with the trouble outside of school and at home.  That’s why I liked her scenes at the hair salon so much…not many people do well at their first day on the job, but Mary Jane seems to be accepted there.  Except for Rita, the cast at the salon could prove important to Mary Jane’s life outside of school.


I suppose if I HAD to be negative, there would be two things that I would complain about.  First, who calls their best friend by their whole name?  “Mary Jane”…”Liz Allen”…say what?  Sure they have equal syllables, but Mary Jane is her FIRST NAME!  I don’t go around saying “Christine M*******” when I see my best friend…would you?  The second issue I have is more of a hunger…I hunger to see more interactions between Peter and MJ.  It seemed like the first “Season” did so well with setting that up and teasing us, now I just want ACTION…RESOLUTION…A RELATIONSHIP?!?!?!





4 Webheads out of 5.  YAY!  SPIDER-MAN LOVES MARY JANE IS BACK!  This is the spirit that the first issue was lacking; Mary Jane-centric with enough conflict and interaction to keep it going.  I just hope that this series keeps it up, and I am also excited to see something happen between MJ and Peter…FINALLY!


Reviewed by: Your Friendly Neighborhood, Spider-Girl!

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