Spider-man Loves Mary Jane Season 2 #4

Interesting Tidbit Volume 3 #3:  Taken from a Newsarama.com interview with Terry Moore:  Craig Rousseau is the artist on this series, and his art is different from the look that Mary Jane has had previously.  Mary Jane originally start off kind of cartoony, then it went manga-looking, and now with Craig Rousseau, it’s gone back to more of an American cartoon look.  It’s very simple with open space that colors beautifully—it really pops when it’s in color.  It’s very clean, and I think it’s very appropriate to this story.  It has its own distinctive look.  Craig’s a really good artist who already has a book that he’s drawing over at Image called PERHAPANAUTS.  It has that same kind of look—well-designed and well-drawn, and very easy on the eyes.  I like the fact that the two books I’m doing with Marvel look completely different, but very distinctive.”


My first 5 out of 5 rating!  Please give this book a chance, it really is not just for girls!


TITLE: Content, relaxed, thoughtful, gleeful, too cool, *angry*…once again, just kidding!

WRITER: Terry Moore

ARTIST: Craig Rousseau

COLORIST: Guillem Mari




As the storm in NYC continues, Mary Jane continues to worry about Spider-man and his big fall during the fight with Gog (yes, GOG!).  Peter calls to check up on MJ and they end up discussing her concern for Spidey and the thought that he is a kid just like them.  At school, MJ confronts Harry and asks why the cold shoulder.  She is left without an answer and continues to class where she mulls over the entire situation.  Luckily for her, Liz has no idea about guys either!  (See, I told you guys are more confusing than girls!!!)


An injured Flash apologizes to Peter for losing his cool about his tutoring session with Liz.  While his “charley horse” worries Peter, Flash tells him it was a football injury and not to tell Liz.  In the library, Liz finds something shocking on the computer and sneaks MJ out of class so that she can see it.  It happens to be a cruel website that takes stabs at Mary Jane, calling her “The Diva Dork of Midtown High.”


In P.E., an hilarious scene ensues where the gym teacher threatens to show the students mirrors if they don’t step-ercise properly.  Gwen gets in some trouble talking to Mary Jane and has to tell a joke to the entire class.  In the locker room, MJ thinks about the website and who would do that.  She believes that it is probably someone at school that does not like her, but who?  As she walks home, holding back tears, she realizes that it could be a guy right as she sees Harry’s car drives past her.




Um…can I say that this issue was RI-DONC-U-LOUS!  Haha, I knew I could!  It was a great issue!  It was not only fun, but it also continued to—once again—stay true to the voices of the characters.  We have not really seen an elongated scene with Harry at all, nor have we heard him speak.  He seems like the pompous jerk that we all loved in the first Season.  I’m just glad I was not that girl…


Flashes “charley horse” is interesting and makes readers who are not in the know think that maybe Flash is Spider-man.  After all, MJ does not know, so this could be an interesting storyline.  I appreciate that Liz acts like a better friend this Season and tries to protect MJ.  I have an idea who really made that website…but we’ll let MJ believe that Harry has the gall to do such a thing.  Now THAT would make him a jerk!


I think my favorite scene throughout the issue was the gym scene.  It was cute and made me smile.  Gwen’s joke was funny and I could really see her saying something like that.  What’s more, I am quite excited that she and MJ have really started to become friends.  The locker room scene is potent and really lives up to what the previous season of SPIDER-MAN LOVES MARY JANE created.  However short and simple this scene is, it really gets into the psyche of a high schooler…more specifically, a high school girl!




5 Webheads out of 5.  Dare I???  Um, I think I do dare!  I have nothing negative to say.  This was a great issue and even competes with Season 1.  Oddly, I would even say that the art really meshes well with the story and is the best it has been in these 4 issues.  Check this out people, it deserves your attention!


Reviewed by: Your Friendly Neighborhood, Spider-Girl!

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