Spider-Man: Crawl Space #4 online today!

Crawl Space 4 cover For those of you that haven’t heard, this website has an original, ongoing, fan made webseries starring our favorite webslinger in brand new adventures set firmly within the original continuity. No history has been washed away, but Spider-Man is once again married to his beautiful and loving wife, Mary Jane Parker.

Spider-Man: Crawl Space #4 is the second part of our first full arc, “Spider-Man: Black.” Last issue, The Faceless Man’s employer was revealed as a mysterious man in a black Spider-Man costume calling himself The Black Spider. He tasked The Faceless Man with carrying out the next stage of his plan: blowing up The Daily Bugle!

This issue finds our favorite staffers at the Bugle held hostage by The Faceless Man, who is at his wits end without the knowledge of who he is. Over in Paris, Harry Osborn is trying to track down his half-brother, and by the end of this issue he may do just that. And as our webslinger is about to come face to face with The Black Spider, he must first overcome the terrifying menace of – ! Well, you’ll see. You’re already clicking on the link, aren’t you?

So go on and visit the message board to check out “Spider-Man Black Part 2” and after you’ve read it, don’t forget to leave your thoughts and questions in the discussion thread!

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