Here’s the 25th Spider-Caption. You know the drill. Add a funny caption or line in the comment section about this picture. If you’d like to see the archive of Spider-Captions follow this link.

10 Responses to “Spider-Captions #25”

  1. #1 BTMX says:

    “Yes this is my keg, what about it?”

  2. #2 Ryan says:

    You know how it is, officer. Spider-strength, and all that.

  3. #3 Brian says:

    “Sorry officer, I didn’t know this was a no swing zone.”
    “By any chance officer do u have the time? I seem to have left my watch in my other costume.”

  4. #4 JeffGamer says:

    “Joe Quesada took away my wife and my maturity, officer. Do you know the way to Power Pack’s house…?”

  5. #5 BD says:

    You know this spider-caption hasn’t generated much response, but the ones it did are all classic!!!!!

  6. #6 Jason Marsh Larouche says:

    Yeah I did it. I stole the suits from the first movie.

  7. #7 Chef Wacko says:

    “Yes, you can cuff me, officer. I used my power to steal a candy bar and with great power must come great responsibility – sweet tooth or no sweet tooth.”

  8. #8 Stanley Lieber says:

    This time, Joey Q. consulted Weird Al and a hippie to write the strangest Spidey story yet, “Revenge of Giant Barrel, the childinizer”

  9. #9 Reg says:

    “There’s a lot of beer in that keg and if the people of New York find out about it, it could cause a riot. That’s why I, Spider-Boy, have volunteer to drink all of it for the good of the city. No need to thank me. With great power, there must also come great responsibility and all that jazz.”

  10. #10 Gilbert Katz says:

    “That’s right officer. according to my special wrist mounted spider-gadget, Noah’s ark should be coming ashore right about now!”.