Amazing Spider-Girl #27 Review

amazingspider-girl27amazingspider-girl27variantHello Folks, Night Two of our Spider-Girl Catch Up is here! Last issue we got Clones running around, the Spider-Girl Universe version of Freaky Friday, with our Ever Illustrious Heroine in trouble with Arana‘s cult, and BT going after Spider-Girl because of some weird freaky obsession thing. Oh, Aunt May is guiding May too, Least that is what we’re supposed to believe, anyway…

“Who’s Been Sleeping in my Head?”

Tom DeFalco

Ron Frenz

Sal Buscema

Story: So we have May is Arana’s Body, Fighting off Arana’s Men, and when she jumps out the building, she realizes that she isn’t in her body and pays a small price. We also get Big Bad Tarantula showing his softer side to Arana-May. Meanwhile we get Nu-May in costume for the first time. With everyone’s Favorite son, Normie, with everyone’s Favorite Clone, Kaine, along with everyone’s favorite Ben Reilly son/DD clone, DarkDevil, working on how to get Peter back, they propose a trade, Norm for Peter. May also gets a hold of a Cell to get to Normie, who thinks that its someone else, which it is, with Arana’s Voice, and they have a bigger problem to issue, as Arana-May is making out with BT, who then knows who it really is instantly. We also get a Fury/Nu-May fight, spilling the beans on her fathers real identity, and just when she gets back to the site Peter zaps her to hell. We also get our May v Nu May fight, although we get it with Arana May, and it’s shortened due to the real May, unmasked, back home where she belongs.

THOUGHTS: So where do I begin? This was action packed. We get Nu-Peter, Nu-May v. May Round two, BT and Arana-May and May finally getting back where she belongs! This issue tied up all our sub-plots and put them into a nice bow, while getting May back in action as herself, we also finally should get a final battle royale with new May next issue. As I write this, it’ll be Wednesday, so our new issue will be flying off the shelves like it always does. Pick up your copy today!

Plugging over, now onto our Art: Again, a perfect issue. This art is amazingly good. I mean, this team is just pouring over this story mind body and soul. And the Homage’s are fricking amazing, the Splash Page of BT hitting Arana-May was straight out of one of Sal’s last issues, Spectacular Spider Man 230 Ben Reilly as Spider-Man’s first issue of Spectacular And Fury’s Eye close up is classic Romita Sr. So with that you have a 5 for 5 a rating just for the art alone.

As for the story, I loved it. The Pace was better this go around. Much more action and no Mall Rats. For the love of all that his holy, no Mallrats.

Review: 4.5 out of five folks. Can’t wait for NEXT ISSUE!


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