Venom: Dark Origin #3 Review

Sorry about the infrequency of the reviews, gang. I’ll try to have one up each day until I’ve caught up.

Chapter 3
ARTIST: Angel Medina
INKS: Scott Hanna
COLOURS: Matt Milla
LETTERS: Joe Caramagna

Eddie Brock goes to church, asking for forgiveness and contemplating suicide. All he can think about is killing Spider-Man. Suddenly, the symbiote suit attacks and attempts to bond with Brock. He resists, while getting a flashback of Secret Wars where the suit made its debut. Eventually, he completely bonds with the symbiote and defeats the police squad sent after him.

Eddie goes and meets his soon-to-be ex-wife and signs the divorce papers. After Ann mentions Spider-Man, Eddie goes into a fury and rushes into his apartment. The suit then shares Spider-Man’s identity and Eddie laughs triumphantly until the end of the issue.

-The art shines once again.
-Brock’s use of the Venom suit.
-The nod towards Secret Wars

-Not a lot of story here.

It’s hard to say something about this issue that I haven’t said other the previous two. It has many of the same qualities. Fantastic art with decent story, but in this issue we see a little bit less story and a lot more splash pages. Beautiful splash pages, I must say. On the other hand, I liked the references to continuity in this issue. We see Secret Wars, Brock’s divorce and Brock finding out Peter’s identity. All obvious things, but good to see them.

We see the first appearance of Venom in this issue, he delivers and how! The suit is in full kick ass glory as it spins vines, catches bullets and blows up police cars with ease. We see a mix of the monster Todd McFarlane version and the later “eat your brains” version. It’s a good mix and really kicks ass.

VENOM: I want you to forgive me.
PRIEST: For what?
VENOM: For the lies I had to tell. For the lies they made me tell. (Looks at people he’s killed.) And for that too probably.

3 webheads out of 5

Sorry about the short review, but there really isn’t a lot to say here. A slightly above average issue.

What more do you need?

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