Venom: Dark Origin #4 Review

Another issue of Venom: Dark Origin, another cover with loads of spit drawn on it.


Chapter 4
WRITER: Zeb Wells
ARTIST: Angel Medina
INKS: Scott Hanna
COLORS: Matt Milla & Ian Hannin
LETTERS: Joe Caramagna

Brock has a weird psychotic nightmare, which tells him that he is weak and that only the symbiote can save him. A lot was figured out over just one nightmare. He then accepts the symbiote and they go after Peter Parker, pushing him onto subway tracks (referencing Web Of Spider-Man #18). Peter is shocked his spider-sense didn’t alert him, before climbing to safety.

We then see Mary-Jane arrive home, before Venom scares her half to death. He asks her who she thinks Peter would pick, between the suit and her, and she says the suit before Venom bursts out laughing and tells Mary-Jane to let Peter know that he’s going to kill him.

-The art is still solid.
-The reference to Web of Spider-Man was a nice touch.

-Once again, not a lot of story.
-Did we need the whole nightmare sequence?

Not a lot to tell. I’ve said it all before. If you have read the original Venom story in Amazing Spider-Man #298-300, you don’t need this. Heck, if you’ve seen Venom ANYWHER, you don’t need this. It’s just recounting a tale that has already been told. It’s being written solidly, but so are fairy tales. They all get written well, but you don’t need more than one version of Cinderella. This issue also has references, which are good, but don’t really add much to the story. It’s good to see them there. Nothing else.

The art doesn’t do anything this issue. It’s just there, solid once again, but not as good as last issue. Even that was average at best. We see a very monstrous Venom in this mini-series, which is good, but can sometime go a little bit overboard. Until we get a mouth coming out of his stomach, I think we’ll be fine.

VENOM: Tell him I’m going to kill him. And this time, I promise I’m not lying.

2 out of 5 webheads

This series is like having a boulder in your living room. Sure, it’s solid, but do you really need it?

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