Spideydude.com is BACK!

That’s Right True Believers!

Spideydude.com is back. And just getting warmed up. On a day of new Eras, it was only fitting that We would also get our favorite Clone website back online after a way too long absense. You’ll Notice some familarity to the fantastically fantasic site, as we’re using the same script that graces this very website. Some thanks are in order, and they are as Follows:

1) To Mr. D. Joiner, whom I simply call Dad. He’s the Original Spideydude, the guy who made the website waaaaay back in June of ’98. Now nearly 11 years later, I carry on the tradition of Spideydude: Ben Reilly and Peter Parker’s Number One Fans. (Okay, the latter is debateable.)

2) Mr Brad Douglas, who not only plugged the site for YEARS, but also encouraged me to keep at it. So BD, you the man. No really.

3) The people who keep looking at the site, month in and out. Cheers to ya’ll, and I hope to keep you coming back.

Thanks to everyone!


Zach ‘Spideydude’ Joiner

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