Marvel Messenger Bag at Barnes and Noble

image1840537474barnesSorry, I could not find a picture of the said item.  As I was looking around in Barnes and Noble yesterday, I discovered these Marvel messenger bags near the comic/anime section.  It’s black with red trim, and it has Spider-man, Captain America, and the Hulk, I believe.  It seemed like a good deal for $14.95…however, as I did not write this information down while I was there, I could be completely wrong on the price.  I looked on the Barnes and Noble site and they have no information on it either.  It does exist!  It does have Spider-man on it!  That’s really all that should count!  It could also be useful for carrying books to school, or even to work…good luck!

BD Edit: I found a pic, is this what you saw?

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