Spider-Man Noir #2 Review

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By the posted the variant cover this time, just because it looks so damn cool!

WRITERS: David Hine and Fabrice Sapolsky
ARTIST: Carmine Di Giandomenico

Ben Urich, investigative reporter, and his sidekick, Peter Parker are at the scene of a fire taking photos when Peter notices Fancy Dan in the crowd and suspects him to have started the fire. Ben gets home and becomes unconscious after taking drugs, and Peter gets one of his tips for a story. He leaves Ben a note and heads to the pier.

The Enforcers and Sergei Kravinoff are unloading crates of deadly spiders. One of the crates break and the spiders are released. Peter is watching nearby, and you’ll never guess what, but he gets bitten by one of them and undergoes a transformation, becoming stronger and quicker than he ever was before.

Ben Urich stops by the Goblin’s offices to receive his bribe before SOMEONE (I don’t know who) jumps through the window and uses strange spider-like powers to take out the Enforcers before threatening The Goblin, who isn’t scared because he knows this guy won’t kill him. Urich runs out and the Spider chases him to yell at him about him having no morals and whatnot.

Ben goes home and calls J. Jonah Jameson, saying that he’ll reveal all about the Goblin and his crime syndicate. However, when Jonah comes round, he kills Ben, because he’s under the Goblin’s payroll too…

However, there’s one certain Spider-Man who won’t go down without a fight.

-The Noir Spider-Man costume
-There was a nice little twist at the end (which I have just ruined for you, my bad)

-The art doesn’t really catch me.
-This isn’t extremely noir, just the time period.

Well, this issue picks up a bit with some twists and turns thrown in. I like it, not a lot, but I like it. The was Peter becomes Spider-Man is too much like the original to be surprising in any way. However, he seems to act differently to the 616 Spidey, so I’ll see where it goes. The most interesting character, Ben Urich, was killed off. So that isn’t a very good sign there. He was a conflicted character that was trying to survive in a harsh world, which interested me. Except now, he’s a conflicted corpse.

The art is very bland and bleak, it doesn’t grab me particularly. It suits the story, but I’m sure better art could have suited the story as well. Not much more to say to that.

JJJ: It’s done. The Spider is dead.
PETER: Say your prayers, Goblin. Here comes the Spider-Man!

3 out of 5 webheads

Mediocre but not bad. Give it a look, you won’t be disappointed (much).

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