Spider-Man: Crawl Space #5 online now!

Crawl Space 5 cover For those of you that haven’t heard, this website has an original, ongoing, fan made webseries starring our favorite webslinger in brand new adventures set firmly within the original continuity. No history has been washed away, but Spider-Man is once again married to his beautiful and loving wife, Mary Jane Parker.

Spider-Man: Crawl Space #5 is the third chapter in the first full arc, Spider-Man Black. Last issue saw the destruction of the Daily Bugle at the hands of the Faceless Man. For a job well done, his employer, The Black Spider, rewarded him with his identity – The Grey Goblin aka Gabriel Stacy!

Now Harry Osborn is returning to the States to find Gabriel, the Bugle is faced with rebuilding, and Gabe is going to have to deal with who he really is. Find out for yourself in Spider-Man Black Part 3: Shades of Grey!

So go on and visit the message board to check out the issue and after you’ve read it, don’t forget to leave your thoughts and questions in the discussion thread!