Spider-Man Noir #3 Review

In a land, noir, noir away, young Peter Parker has just gained his spider powers. However, in a land corrupted by the mob, run by the Goblin, what is a young hero to do?


WRITERS: David Hine and Fabrice Sapolsky
ARTIST: Carmine Di Giandomenico
LETTERS: Artmonkey Studios

Spider-Man turns up at Ben Urich’s apartment, only to find Ben dead. After reporting it to the police, Peter is contacted by the Black Cat who gives him all of Ben’s information on the Goblin.

Mr. Osborn isn’t happy. He can’t find Urich’s files and J. Jonah Jameson isn’t any help. Osborn decides to take a more proactive approach…

Peter attends Ben’s funeral and has a talk with JJJ, who seems extremely eager to know if Peter has any information about the Goblin. Peter denies knowing anything, realising that he can’t trust anyone and decides to attack the Goblin where it hurts. Urich’s files help Peter find all of the Goblin’s operations and shut them down.

Mr. Osborn still isn’t happy. He’s losing his clients quickly due to Spider-Man’s efforts. He has to act a little quicker than intended…

Spider-Man enters the office of JJJ, only to find him dying, just before the police show up. Spidey flees the scene, nearly getting shot in the process, and decides to investigate further, realising that it wasn’t the real JJJ, but the Chameleon. So where is Jonah?

Well, he’s under captivity with Black Cat, held hostage by the Goblin. His plan is nearly complete, he just needs the Vulture to go get Aunt May…

-Plot moves along very nicely.
-We see Peter taking some more responsibility (with more power!)
-This Norman Osborn is very sinister.

-The art still doesn’t grab me.

Wow, this moves quickly! We get Peter having to get used to his powers quickly, because he wants to shut down the Goblin as soon as he can. Ben Urich knew what he was doing when he gave Peter the files and the Black Cat wants to help out as much as she can. On the other team, the Goblin with his Enforcers (minus Fancy Dan who was eaten by spiders), Kraven and the Vulture with his cannibalistic tendencies. This looks to be heading towards a smackdown of a finale.

The art is once again a bit ugly. We don’t get as good a picture as we could get of this story, which is a shame. It isn’t terrible but could definitely be better. If I was a teacher, the comment I would write on this issue is “Must try harder”. A bit harsh perhaps, but I’m hoping the art gets a little bit better for the final issue.

KRAVEN: You smell worse than the tiger, Jameson!

4 out of 5 webheads.

Oh yes. Let’s see a damn good conclusion, please.

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