Crawl Space Avengers #1 Now Online!

Since this site has been up, Brad has always referred to people that post on the message board as Crawl Space Avengers. Since that time, Message Board Posters have banded together to fight trolls as they saw fit. Now, join us as we debut an exclusive, online and completely FREE new series featuring your friendly neighborhood Admins and Mod. The First issue went online March 31st for Fairly Positive reviews. Go here for Discussion!


Written By: Zach Joiner (Spideydude)

Pencils/Inks By: Spidertour02

Colors by: bdog

Story: Meet Zach Joiner, Stella Parker, Brad Douglas, George Berryman, John ‘JR’ Fettinger, and Kevin Cushing. When meta-humans start to sprout up, a serial killer is targeting them. Part one of a two part story brings everyone in to the Crawl Space, and the CSA are offically born!

MARCH, 31st 2009

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