Amazing Spider-Man Family #5 Review

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Okay okay, while Brad’s not only channeling his inner JJJ, he’s also channeling his inner Wacker, while I channel my inner Brennon, and be the invisible assistant editor. (Check out the assistant editors book for more) But nevertheless, I come here before you as the reviewer of the Spider-Family title with the official debut of the Spectacular Spider-Girl, along with a screwball story and Carile Cooper as well, add that to a Sensational Swiney-Girl. and you’ve got our issue for the month.

Amazing Spider-Family #5

Who is Gwen Reilly?-Relevant Experience-Treasure Hunted!-No More HAY!

Writers: Tom DeFalco, Marc Sumerak, Tony Lee

Art: Ron Frenz and Sal Buscema, Todd Nauck, Mark Robinson, Shawn Moll

Editors: Steve Wacker and Tom Brennan

Let’s Start from the last story and work our way back, becuase I want Spider-Girl to be the last thing with this issue, not the first. Plus we’ll go from cute to serious that way. Back in the 80s, you had Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Pig. Now his Daughter, the Sensational Swiney Girl takes place in a simular universe as the Universe that created Spider-Girl. Who Better than Tom D to tell the story? In this universe, you have May in the Black Costume, with Peter still adventuring, unlike his counterpart. The Hay Monger is attacking the city, stealing, well hay. The guy who think’s he’s a world class Super-Villain, who is mad that he got attacked by the sidekick. He wants to create a shortage, and get fame, riches, and Millie the Model comics. Peter lecutres his daughter, and he eventually relents, and we get the action, a fairly short battle, but it’s mainly due to the size of the story. We reveal that the villian is actually the twin of the person whom he was taking from, all along the while that the Daily Beagle starts to like Swiney-Girl.

Thoughts: Well, this was a cute, family friendly story. I really really liked it, and it had a classic goofy feel. Anytime I see Tom’s name there, I know it’s going to be classic, And he does a wonderful Job in this book. The art is very fitting, and enjoyable. I wasn’t keen on the villain, but this was a fun way to end the issue, and it was good stuff. I’ll give it a B for effort. Entertained, but not blown away.

Story 2: Screwball Vs. Spidey vs. the Mad Hacker. “Treasure Hunted!” Deals with Screwball getting hacked, a Boys life in the balance, and Spidey Banter.

Thoughts: Well, there isn’t much to this story. The Hacker was all set up, and it was just a way to get ratings. Screwball has potentional, and I’ve liked her more than I did when she was introduced, but I can’t shake the feeling that they’re turning her in Black Cat Ver. 2.0 as a bad girl love interest for Peter. But it was a nice little romp and one of the few stories that i’ve liked on this title from the current direction. Solid B.

Story 3: Features Peter Parker and Carile Cooper. Yup TWO BND stories this month, as we get Peter taking pictures of crime scenes. Although he can’t seem to keep his mouth shut and it looks like that our loveable loser stays that way.

THOUGHTS: I really like the premise. But must he continue to be a huge loser? Must we get character development of Carlie in THIS title and not in ASM? Couldn’t this been a bigger subplot? I felt like this was a missed oppertuinty. It was good, But I’d wish that they’d talk more about this last year when we could’ve had things move along at better clip. Still, I liked that they treated Peter as an experaened veteran with Super-Villians. Although he didn’t get the job, we get a good interaction with Peter and Carlie.


And now, the bulk of this issue: WHO IS GWEN REILLY?! We get a GREAT story that picks up where ASM 30 left off. Although we got this story two weeks ago, I’d rather review it with the physical book, although if we continue with the Spider-Ma’am mockery a pages, I may need to shoot myself in the face. This book is what made the issue for me. As we get a new mystery, a new villain, and a continuation of Sub-plots from ASM. Good News is, you don’t need to know everything about Spider-Girl’s world to know what’s going on.

THOUGHTS: Best Story of the book. Gwen Reilly is a great edtion, I just hope that Ben Reilly’s Legacy is something that I’ll like. I have my theories, but I don’t want to say yet. As for Nu-May, er sorry April Parker, we’ll see I wonder if she’ll make it past this story. Now that last page has me worried. They’re throwing an ultimate Clone Saga Bone, and I need to know. I can’t wait for this book next month!


Overall, this was the strongest book so far. It totally was worth my 5 Bucks.

What? I’m giving something ASM related a good grade. Sue me.


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