Amazing Spider-Man Family Sells OUT!

Yup Folks, ASMF sold out at Diamond. Gee, I wonder if:6631new_storyimage2385934_full

A) They only printed 10,000 Copies…

B) Everyone that picked up ASG picked this up, along with the rest of the people who bought it, usually.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a pessimist, but seriously, when a title such as this only sold 8-10,000 Copies a month, then I question if this title is being treated as a success. But if it gets SSG publicity, then I’m all for it.

Be sure to check and see if your comic shop has the book in stock! It’s an excellent Read.

If you’re just looking to read Spectacular Spider-Girl, then check it out on’s online webcomic version.

More after the jump including link.

From Comic Bulletin:

Marvel is pleased to announce that the double-sized Amazing Spider-Man Family #5, kicking off the all-new adventures of Spectacular Spider-Girl, has sold out at Diamond! Fan favorite creators Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz present a new chapter in the life of Mayday Parker as she must deal with…Gwen Reilly! Amazing Spider-Man Family is your new monthly home for the critically-acclaimed action pack adventures of Spider-Girl and it kicks off with a bang right here. Plus, don’t miss a sensational team-up between Spider-Man & Screwball, a look inside the world of Peter Parker and an all-new solo Aunt May epic we had to call “The Amazing Spider-Ma’Am”.

Ma’am?! NOOOOOOOO!!!!

8()*(*)(* *)*)(*&*^^&^&^6789q

*Curses Wacker with Fist raised in air*

Oh? What’s that you say? This is the last time we see the awful Ma’am?


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