Crawl Space Avengers #2!

cover21Okay raise your hand.. how many of you knew there was another, ongoing online story going on at the Crawl Space besides Kevin’s Crawl Space? You didn’t? Well guess what… we’re only in our second issue, and here’s your chance to read it! In our last issue, we met Zach Joiner, Brad Douglas, John ‘JR’ Fettinger, George Berryman, Kevin Cushing and Stella Parker. Now we’re diving headlong into our second issue, which features several new characters, and leads into next issues big story. Fret not webheads, we’re not charging you for this book, its COMEPLETELY FREE! So please check out the very nice cover, shown to my left, and story.

This months Cover is done by Enigma_2099 and BDog. Solit after the jump.


“In the Beginning Part 2: ‘Some Revelations'”

Written By: Zach Joiner

Art By: Enigma2099 and BDog

Editor in Chief: Brad Douglas.

Story: As George and Zach try to gather more clues, they meet someone they didn’t expect. Daily Grind. And Kevin, Brad and JR’s Powers are revealed! Only on the CRAWL SPACE MESSAGE BOARD!

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