Crawl Space Exclusive Deal on Amazing Spider-Man #600

l_446570086ab94a6681b7ffeccefdd970Our friends at Mail Order Comics are letting the Crawl Space regulars in on a deal for  Amazing Spider-Man #600. The book will come in four different covers.  The Romita Jr and the Alex Ross one will be the most prevalent. However, the Joe Quesada cover is only available if you order 15 copies.
If you order the book it would normally cost $12.99 from Mail Order Comics. However, if you mention the Crawl Space they will give you a discount and only charge $ 10.99.
To order any variants you have to request them from the owner Michael Robinson.  So e-mail him that you want the Quesada variant with the Crawl Space discount.
Also if you want to order the Romita Jr and Ross cover, just select 2 copies on your normal May order form.

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