Spideydude.com’s Exclusive Series: Clone Saga Chronicles is ONLINE!

clone_saga149That’s right folks. It’s FINALLY here. The Start of the series that will define Spideydude.com. In my attempt to be more of a niche site, I started work on this series several months ago though countless hours of research. While I gloss over alot of the Original Saga, I delve deep into Ben Reilly’s Mind. This first installment starts back in the 70’s and we go though the very first story with Ben and Peter face to face again. It’s a start, and we’ll hit the ground running with the next installment, in about 4-5 weeks or so, which will run fro’m Exile Returns‘ Though the Classic Amazing Spider-Man 400. But kick back and relax as we start off with our new series.
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5/22/09 10:15 AM UPDATE: Okay, we had issues with WordPress when it went online, It’s fixed now, so read it here!

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