Timestorm 2009/2099 #2 Review

It’s been a while since we had a mini-series review, exams took a priority I’m afraid. Never mind that there hasn’t been any Spider-man mini-series lately, who ever thought that could happen?!

Anyways, let’s get to the shocking review already…

TIMESTORM 2009-2099 #2
WRITER: Brian Reed
ARTISTS: Eric Battle & R.B. Silva
INKERS: Andrew Hennessey & Vicente Cifuentes
COLOURS: Bruno Hang
LETTERS: Dave Sharpe


Jake Gallows (Punisher 2099) is being interrogated about what he did to Spider-Man and Wolverine, who is currently getting the adamantium kicked out of him by ugly, 2099 Hulks. Lucky for him, Ghost Rider 2099 is there to save his clumsy @$$ and take him to Wolverine 2099. Damn, these alternate timeline team-ups really get on my nerves.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Stone is trying to reach Gallows in 2009 by raising the power in the chronosphere, but Dr. O’Hara sees trouble. The power spike damages time affecting Cerebra 2099, who is currently in the mental asylum with Spider-Man. The spike also affects The Pym Academy, blasting Miguel O’Hara with a spider R.T.G.S (Real Time Genetic Sequence) and Kron Stone with a scorpion R.T.G.S.. Later on, in the Alchemax Hospital, C.E. Stone starts screaming at the O’Haras, due to his son’s accident earlier on. They leave Stone with his son, who has been mutated into a man-scorpion hybrid.

Ghost Rider drops off Wolverine where his future self should be, at Fort Dawson, a mutant containment camp…

-Errm…the art was pretty good at times, I guess.

-The story
-The dialogue
-The art jump which is very bad.

Well, this went from bad to worse. Last issue was mediocre, which is boring. Now it’s bad, which is annoying. This issue had many scenes that had no significance whatsoever to the story. These parts could have been forgiven, but they had no humour, no character development, nothing. We had a scene with Miguel on the train, one where Jake Gallows house was broken into, but nobody cared. It didn’t affect the rest of the issue, so there seems to be no reason for it to be there.

Now, time was broken in this issue. So the city got a little bit smashed up. Personally, I thought the breaking of time would have some greater effect. Apparently not. The dialogue was filled with exposition type question, but nobody received any answers. Awful stuff.

The art was doing quite well, but then mid issue the other artist comes in, changes the art to something more like manga and the issue lost fluidity. Neither of them were any good. Not bad, just average.

“How come my futures always stink?”
“What’s going on?”
“What’s happening?” x3
“Clock go boom?”


“I can’t get anything to talk to anything.”

0.5 webheads out of 5

Shocking terrible.

To top it all off, to understand the story, you need to buy a one-shot in the middle of the mini-series.

To anybody currently taking exams or studying for them; Good luck!

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