I’d like to introduce a new section to the front-page called “Spidey Memories”. It’s quite simple, post a panel, page or single scene from Spidey’s history and let the memories run wild.

I’ll start…

Remember the fuss everyone made when Spidey and Jonah kissed (twice) in “Brand New Day”? Well it wasn’t the first time! Here is Spider-Man and Jonah’s first kiss from Amazing Annual 18. Other Crawl-Space staffers please post some memories of your own!

7 Responses to “Spidey Memories#1”

  1. #1 BD says:

    I need to re-read that issue. That looks like some Ron Frenz artwork!

  2. #2 Bertone says:

    It’s Jameson’s wedding to Marla Madison. Seemed appropriate with another Jameson wedding around the corner.

  3. #3 Enigma_2099 says:

    See, unlike BND, this looks exactly like something Pete would do… just to get under JJ’s skin…

  4. #4 Hornacek says:

    At the time, it reminded me of Bugs Bunny kissing Elmer Fudd.

  5. #5 Spideydude says:

    HOo HA! I’ll have to get some scans done asap.

  6. #6 DiabeticSpidey says:

    With the upcoming wedding……wouldn’t Spidey and Jonah be “kissing cousins”???

  7. #7 Macgargan says:

    Classic Spidey/Jonah scene. Another favourite of mine is Jonah throwing his shoe out of the window at Spider-Man in ASM 140, no scan tho. :(