New Avengers is a comic book. This is a review of it. You are to read the review and leave a comment.
WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
PENCILS: Billy Tan
INKS: Batt and Billy Tan
COLORS: Justin Ponsor
LETTERING: Albert Deschesne
Brother Voodoo accepts the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme and joins the fight against the demoned-out Hood. Strange weakens the Hood, Hellstorm contains him, and the newly-christened “Doctor Voodoo” finishes him off with an exorcism. Ronin makes a bystander promise to promulgate footage of the battle before Norman Osborn can smear the facts.
Loki, seeking a pawn for the time of Osborn’s fall, offers the hospitalized and depowered Hood a second chance.
Ronin and Mockingbird watch Osborn’s televised interview from Dark Avengers #5. Disheartened by the media’s lack of backbone, Ronin declares that they have to kill Mr. Cornrows.
The Avengers linger on the sidelines of their own book, making it seem like Brian Bendis wants to shape the whole Marvel Universe through this series more than tell stories in which his roster has a stake. Sure, our heroes each score a token blow on the amped-up Hood, who all but stands still and eats it, but the magical guest stars ultimately do the heavy lifting. Had the Avengers simply dropped Strange off in New Orleans and flown back home, the outcome would have been identical. 
Forget whose title this is suppose to be, and the issue entertains fairly well. Bendis did good to pluck Voodoo from obscurity. He has personality and an interesting gimmick with his brother’s ghost trapped in his head. I would have liked to have seen what unique mojo a Sorcerer Supreme steeped in voodoo rather than faux far-Eastern mysticism would unleash, but he merely whips out the same old glowing Eye of Agamotto trick. This strikes me as a missed opportunity to sell Doctor Voodoo’s upcoming solo book to skeptical readers.
We get a few good Dark Reign developments. Loki has the Hood in his/her pocket, adding to the web of alliances and secret betrayals within the Cabal. Ronin’s announcement would have had more dramatic clout five years ago when a final splash page of a hero claiming he intends to kill a villain I know won’t actually die was still shocking, but nevertheless I see potential should the team follow through with an attempt.
I expect at least one full issue of the Avengers sitting at a table and debating every angle of this decision over a pizza, with several panels of characters repeating each other’s one-word phrases.
“Should we, like … kill Norman?”
“Suck it, chimp!”
3 out of 5 whatevers. People in tights beat up a scary demon, which is more excitement than New Avengers usually has.