The Sinister Spider-Man #1 Review

Purple Reign!

Women Love Him, Men Want to be Him

WRITER:Brian Reed
ARTIST: Chris Bachalo
INKS: Tim Townsend
LETTERS: Jared K. Fletcher

Mac Gargan (now known as Spider-Man) stops General Wolfram (no idea, sorry) from robbing a bank, but takes the money from him before eating his arm. Delicious. Meanwhile, Mayor Jameson pushes away reporters and rejects Dr. Gunderson’s proposal of a supervillain rehabilitation program. The good doctor isn’t very happy about it…

Gargan gets a lecture from Norman Osborn (after discovering the hooker he hired) about public relations and Gargan puts Osborn on his Most Wanted list, along with Jameson. The first step is to plant his hooker (now deceased), Cherry, in the Mayor’s room. Meanwhile, the Redeemer (the crazy doctor from before) recruits a number of villains to go after Spider-Man. When I say Spider-Man, I mean Venom, I mean Mac Gargan.

-Being inside Mac Gargan’s mind is a pretty good ride.
-Bachalo’s art has improved.

-More Z-List villains.

Well, I expected a lot worse from this issue. It’s Brian Reed after all, the writer behind Secret Invasion: Spider-Man (which didn’t have Spider-Man) and Timestorm 2009/2099 (which currently doesn’t have any plot), so you can excuse for me for low expectations. He’s surprised me with this one. It had some good moments and didn’t bore me tears, which is a definite improvement. Not world class, but still a good read.

Mac Gargan is more interesting than Eddie Brock ever was, and this issue just clarifies this as we peek into his mind. He definitely isn’t Spider-Man and this issue shows how the façade may be disappearing, not all of his actions can be hidden by H.A.M.M.E.R..

Chris Bachalo’s art is not to everybody’s taste, but I have liked some of it, especially his panel layout. He uses panels well again in this issue and you can see what’s going on, which isn’t true of all his work. I don’t like his constantly grey backgrounds but his use of black and white panels are good. Definite improvement from him, though not everyone will be convinced.

“Who is Spider-Man? Who does he sleep with? Does he do it on the ceiling?!”

3 out of 5 webheads.

Decent issue. Worth $3.99?

…I’ll get back to you.

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