Crawl Space Celebrates 11 Years Online

cake4Ibirthday2t’s amazing and spectacular how time flies when you’re having fun. It was back on August 8, 1998 when I decided it’d be fun to create a website. I was in college and thought it’d be fun to learn html and what better way than making my own Spider-Site. I had no idea I’d be still doing it 11 years later. If you’d like a little more history of the site and what it’s looked like over the years click here.
The site would not be worth the cost in time and expense if it wasn’t for the wonderful friends I’ve made over the years. We may never meet in person, but we all share a love of Spidey and this website gives us a place to share our passion.
So feel free to leave some birthday wishes on this post or leave a  comment on this link on our message board.
Also feel free to share how you discovered the site and what brings ya back.