asmannual36 It was a Day like any other day. Zach Joiner was Avoiding the Boss, Brad Douglas, for you see, Zach has been late on the Amazing Spider-Man Family Reviews, and BD was on the hunt Zach kept a low profile, but got found anyway told that he had to review this year Annual due to Mike Bailey being awesome and giving it to him because it has CLONES in it.

Greetings Folks, It’s Zach Joiner here, guest reviewing an issue that I reviewed on Sadly, It’s down right now, so I have to review it, again. But never fear my fellow webheads, I’ll give a In-Depth review for your reading pleasure. After the jump, we’ll get into the review. SPOILERS AHOY!
Amazing Spider-Man Annual 36

WRITER: Marc Guggenheim

PENCILS & INKS: Pat Olliffle
Cover By: Olivier Coipel
STORY: It’s the rehearsal dinner for JJJ Sr. and May. Peter there with them in Boston, along with JJJJ. (Gee, I wonder if we’ll see re-dubs of the Spider-Man 90s Cartoon that has J3 Communications on it. J4!) We’re also introduced to some new characters named Reilly, and Reference to Ben Reilly for the first time since JM DeMatthis’ Angst story from Spectacular Spider-Man #254 (back when Comics were 1.99…! ) in February 1998. We have your typi


cal intro of a Villain, and Peter spends a lot of time fighting him, leading to some great quips, and some solid action, and in the end, we’re seeing a set up for the ‘Who IS BEN REILLY’ Arc, in October.

Likes & Dislikes: But there are some problems with this issue. and a couple of good things.
A) Was it really necessary to have the happenstance of having the ‘Reilly’ family reunion? I know it is used as a plot devise, but it’s terrible to have the long lost cousins of Peter come around suddenly. May, to the best of my knowledge never had siblings brought up to this point, and the fact that Peter is again acting like a loser upsets me greatly. Hitting on your cousins? Not cool, even if they are ‘hot’.
B) The really bad Villain in Raptor. Not even using him as being on the receiving end of Ben Reilly’s rage is supposed to make me care. It doesn’t.
C) Anyone think this issue was a Rush job in terms of Art? Or is it just Pat inking himself? I don’t know but something was off.
D) I’d be amiss to not reference the aboslute giddiness that I experienced when I see BEN REILLY Referenced. Giddy
E) The Irony that Peter is loved in Boston, is not lost on this fan. Made me laugh. (Even if I was asking Where the eff these people were when May was like, dead three times.)
F) Is JJJ Sr just badass, or too good to be true? And the Interplay got  a chuckle out of me.

Finally, I want to end out our trip down the short term memory lane wiht some hopes for October:

1) I hope we see Kaine. (Brad Whispers in ear) WHAT? EPIC. WIN!

2) According to Dan Slott, Marc G. Will do TCS (The Clone Saga for those not in the know) Justice.

3) I hope that Raptor gets a little more interesting. Maybe he’ll grow on me. I trust Mike Bailey to let me know. 😉

Anyways, thanks to Mike Bailey for letting me review the big Annual, It was a lot of fun. And look for the ASM Family Reviews to come about sometimes before I die.

So, until Marvel gets owned by Disney-Er wait.

Rating: C+



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