Spectacular Spider-Man: the animated series #5-“Competition” Review

I can only imagine how irritating it must be to have your sandbag smile at you while you punch it

I can only imagine how irritating it must be to have your sandbag smile at you while you punch it






Completely Giant Sand-Monster free!


Written by Kevin Hopps

Directed by Troy Adomitis
Music by Lolita Ritmanis, Kristopher Carter, Michael McCuistion
Animation By Dongwoo animation

THE PLOT: Peter and Harry try out for the football team at Midtown. Meanwhile, the wacky scientists of the Big Man are hard at work on their new attempt at playing God codenamed: Sandman

LONG STORY SHORT: Peter beats the Sandman by what I can only assume can be defined as killing him, while purposely throwing the final football tryout so Harry can bask in his poularity glory. Gwen’s forgiven him though, so alls well that ends well.

My notes read "YEESH!"

MY THOUGHTS: This was a thoroughly enjoyable episode that was fun to watch from beginning to end, and I virtually have no problems with it. Okay, I know how boring that must sound, but really it shows how good and consistant this show is in terms of quality and entertainment. What made this fun for me was once again the sense of humanity brought to the characters, in this case the Sandman. This character was given more screen time than he has in the past, and because of that we got to see exactly the type of person he is. Granted, we weren’t given a whole lot. But at the end of the day Flint Marko in the show is really just a petty thief. And thats fine. He’s not especially dumb, he’s not insanely evil, and he’s not megalomaniacal. He just wants the next score, and there are more kinds of those types of criminals out there in real life than one might realize. If we go back to the comics, a large number of Spidey’s advisaries are lunatics, (Green Goblin), mad scientists, (Dr. Octopus) or dorks with a misplaced sense of pride (Kraven the Hunter, Morlun, the Puma, Mysterio). The Sandman doesn’t want revenge despite the fact that he’s been busted on many, many occasions by Spider-Man. He doesn’t want fame. He just wants money. And again, he’s not your typical dopey bad guy who can’t do long division. He made Spidey look bad when he pointed out that Spider-Man took him away from the wheel when they were fighting in the truck. I’m not saying Sandman’s especially great, but he’s an understandable charater. That makes him a more interesting villain to watch, and for Spider-Man to fight. Question: is Kong supposed to be asian?

This makes him a lot like Electro in this show. The two  are similar in reactions to their horrific  transformations. And speaking of which, what a  horrific transformation! Octavious was right, it did  look like they killed Marko then and there! Obviously the only reason Broadcast Standards and Practices let that slide was that Marko wasn’t dead, but still he looked really painful.   The plot about Peter and Harry trying out for football was cute. It really reminded me again of the early Essential ASM stories despite the fact that it never happened in the comics. But again, Peter’s teenage ego in this show is handled so well that we can understand how he craves glory without viewing it as a flaw. We were also introduced to a couple of supporting cast mainstays in Hobie Brown and Gloria “Glory” Grant. (hey!) Glory voiced by VA veteran Cree Summer, while Hobie’s voiced by silence and nothing. I don’t know what the joke was about not having Hobie speak, but I just like the fact that he was introduced here as another supporting player. All this show needs now is Hobie’s arch nemisis known only as Ice, and we’ll be good.  Oh Yes!

Last thing I have to say is that this episode probably has the best lines in the series thus far. There were a lot of good ones said by various people including Gwen and Sandman. Watch the episode to see if you agree or not, but I had a lot of “Best Line Contenders” in my notes. Another really fun episode.  4.5/5 web heads *Best Line Contender-Sandman: “Wow. You sure showed me. *forms hammer hands* -Spider-Man: “The hammer thing’s getting old, pal.” Images taken from Toonzone.net

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